One Word at a Time

Sally Dukes works with writers of all ages to find their voice. Whether their work is academic or creative, she finds the thread that lends personal authenticity to their words. Having been a former journal editor, Sally is proficient in using MLA formatting. She has supported several writers in converting their work to publishable material, be it a book or journal article.

Having a Masters in Counseling Psychology and using her knowledge of APA 6th edition formatting, Sally works closely with dissertation writers to meet the required criteria for acceptance. Her background as an English teacher supports her ability to simplify thoughts, deliver direct communication and attend to the details. Clients from academic, business and creative expression had worked with her to their satisfaction and success of their writings.

Statement of Value

Sally Dukes guides writers to find the meaning in the message and the heart in the matter. Working with all age groups, she readies documents to better reflect the author’s authentic voice.


Sally Dukes was the fourth editor of my Psy.D. dissertation, and the best one. I struggled with an advisor who was difficult to please, and finally, with Sally’s skill, talent and patience we managed to overcome his criticism and to deliver a paper that needed no corrections. Sally’s ability to simplify a thought or a paragraph, her attention to detail and her familiarity with APA requirements were priceless. She was instrumental in completing my dissertation and I cannot thank her enough!
R.B. Psy.D. LMFT

A mysterious envelope arrived today from a master editor… I touched it held it to my heart.. sat with it on my lap.. and said, “this is the beginning of manifesting a dream.” I especially thank Sally for the thoughtful care she took to craft this piece of writing into a beautiful and professional form. I am so happy…. joy joy joy!
L. Rowland Railroad Ties: Broken Hearts and Mended Lives

I am grateful to my mentor Sally Dukes, for her sensitivity to the inner world of children.
L.D.W. The Enchanted Doll: A Fairy Tale

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