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Sally Dukes works with writers of all ages to find their voice. Whether their work is academic or creative, she finds the thread that lends personal authenticity to their words. Having been a former journal editor, Sally is proficient in using MLA formatting. She has supported several writers in converting their work to publishable material, be it a book or journal article. Having a Masters in Counseling Psychology and using her knowledge of APA 6th edition formatting, Sally works closely with dissertation writers to meet the required criteria for acceptance. Her background as an English teacher supports her ability to simplify thoughts, deliver direct communication and attend to the details.  Clients from academic, business and creative ...Read More >


Sally Dukes guides writers to find the meaning in the message and the heart in the matter. Working with all age groups, she readies document... Read More >

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Walking Barefoot Across the Living Room Floor

Home is where we place our feet, where we touch the Earth. Most people experience this sense of placement through their sight or in their mind’s eye, but Buck clearly and definitively places his awareness on the ground. Step by step, moment to moment, Buck knows where he is going yet has never forgotten where he’s been.

Without guts or drive, according to Buck, you will be lucky just to be ordinary. On the open road, traveling alone, ranch-to-ranch, horse-to-horse, Buck breathes his authenticity, his humanity into each soul, be it human or animal. He is not ordinary nor is he necessarily unique. He is simply a master.

Having survived abuse at an early age, Buck made the conscious choice to live in the present. “You can’t live in two places at once,” he reminds us. If you do, the wounding of the past will clearly tarnish your vision of the present. With each step, Buck walks the ridgeline.

Buck doesn’t maintain this delicate balance in spite of his emotions but rather in relationship to them. He knows what it means to feel, and to Buck, feel can have 1,000 differing definitions. To feel, to respect, to respond, these are the dance steps that keep Buck positioned.

And yet, at the end of the day, at the end of the circuit, all Buck really wants is to walk barefoot across his living room floor, because, believe it or not, even cowboys get the blues.